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Pug Mill, Pug Mixer

pug mill
ribbon blender

Pug mill or Pug Mixer Uses for Various type of Mixing and Blending of Powder, Chemical, Paint, Putty and many other chemical, liquid, Solids, Solid liquid.

Capacity ranging From 50 liter to 5000 liters.

  •   Suitable for Paint, Pigment, Dyestuff, Coating Printing Ink, for mixing, Dispersing, grinding
  •  Putg Mill for blend and mixing of Dry , Wet material,
  •   with jacket or without jacket Available
  •   Blending Capacity Ranging from 50 litrer to 1000 liters
  •   It is available in different sizes and capacity : - Ranging from 50 liters capacity to 5000 liters.

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